What Your Brand Colour Says About Your Business

Your company\’s colour can have a big impact on how your customers view it, and it can even define it. Understanding colour psychology and meanings will help you evoke the appropriate feelings and experiences from your customers. This is due to the power of colour, which allows your brand to get associated with a specific colour and become incredibly memorable to your customers.

Many businesses identify with a colour and use it regularly in their branding and interior design to evoke distinct feelings from their target consumers, which is why many businesses identify with a colour and use it consistently in their branding and interior design.

What is Colour Psychology?

Defined as the study of colour in relation to human behaviour, it identifies the emotional and physical responses to specific colours, as well as what they might signify for customers and branding.

A colour can bring a memory to life and elicit a specific emotion in someone, but it\’s vital to note that these impacts are influenced by personal, cultural, and experiential factors.

That is why it is important to understand the common sensations evoked by particular colours and how this should be taken into account when it comes to branding as well as the exterior and interior colours of your business.

Why Is It Important to Consider Colour Psychology in Your Branding?

It’s crucial to think about the colour you\’re going to use in your branding in terms of the psychology of how people might perceive your brand. This provides you an advantage in making them feel a certain way before their experience with your company and what you want their journey to be like.

According to the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, researchers Lauren Labrecque and George Milne explain that “like a carefully chosen brand name, colour carries intrinsic meaning that becomes central to the brand’s identity, contributes to brand recognition, and communicates the desired image.”

How To Choose a Brand Colour That is Authentic To Your Brand

One of the most essential methods to show your brand personality is through colour selection. It\’s critical to have a strong brand identity that includes a colour that is utilised consistently within your company and adheres to your brand guidelines.

90% of well-known brands have only 1-2 colours that they consistently use in their colour scheme and represent the brand everywhere. 

It is critical to develop your unique brand identity and select a colour that is appropriate for your industry, taking into account the colours used by your competitors as well as the emotions you want to evoke in your clients. Our infographic will teach you about a variety of prominent brand colours and the emotions they evoke in your clients

The key to making your brand a success is to define your brand identity. It\’s also crucial to look for inspiration for your own brand by looking at what your competitors are doing.

Your customers will remember you by your brand colours, and while you can change them as you go, identifying your dominant brand will be one of the most exciting and creative elements of your business journey.