Highways Coating Inspection and Surveying


Paint Inspection Ltd’s ICorr and NACE inspectors have vast experience and in-depth knowledge of Highway Agency structures and coating systems and reporting in accordance with BD87/05

This enables us to provide comprehensive surveys and reports detailing the condition of highway structures, as well as identifying suitable specifications and recommendations for repair and maintenance work.

This information is invaluable to our clients as it enables a detailed picture of the maintenance requirements, essential for tendering, planning and successful execution of any painting projects.

Whether its new build or maintenance work our inspection services are paramount to ensuring works are carried out in-line with Highways series 5000 & 1900.

Paint Inspection Ltd provides qualified inspectors to oversee new build or maintenance painting projects. Our inspectors carry out in- depth testing to ensure the works meet the requirements set by the paint manufacturers and highway specifications. We can provide part time inspectors to check hold points on an Inspection test plan, or full time inspectors to provide 3rd party quality assurance for the duration of a project.

"Paint Inspection Ltd looks forward to working with you to help “improve quality to reduce costs.”