Coating Condition Surveys

Coating Survey

When a structure owner or manager decides that a works programme is going to be implemented, they generally decide that a coating survey will be required as a precursor to the works programme; this vital information will ultimately help when painting packages are created.
They also potentially help alleviate any future contracting issues by identifying possible hazards and environmental issues such as toxicology.

ICorr or NACE qualified inspectors

With ICorr and NACE qualified inspectors we are the obvious choice within the industry sector to complete this type of specialist work. Our experience in all fields also means that we have a unique knowledge from Highway, Rail to Oil and Gas specifications, and this knowledge will help create the correct paint specification for each specific project.

Our coating survey covers but not limited too:
  • Survey reporting against industrial standards such as ISO4628 degradation of coatings.
  • A detailed appraisal of the structure/asset
  • Analysis of the existing coating including detailed information on paint layers and overall thickness
  • Equipment Used & Calibration details
  • Coating Identification and Sample Testing including chemical analysis and reporting of any hazardous content such as Lead and chromium.
  • Measurements of the structure (if required)
  • Evaluation of Degradation of Coatings Assessment of Degree of Blistering , Assessment of Degree of Rusting Assessment of Degree of Cracking, Assessment of Degree of Flaking/Delamination
  • CAD Drawing of the structure detailing areas requiring remedial action (if required)
  • Comprehensive photographic information
  • Summary and Recommendations on the specification against standards provides you with an overall review on future maintenance requirements

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