Paint Inspection Ltd has been an incorporated company for a number of years and was set up by Ian and Andrew Patterson who are both highly qualified ICorr level 3 Inspectors.

The business head office is in Fareham, which is where the company was originally set up and over the years the other offices have been opened to build national coverage with local Inspectors.

This business model for our Industry is fairly unique and allows us to keep inspection and survey costs down along with building up regional relationships with our clients, although our inspections do take us further afield into Europe.

We pride ourselves on building relationships which gives us a greater understanding of our client needs and expectations, and you will find we always have the time to discuss your requirements even if its just a general technical question you require a quick answer to.

Whilst we work in some of the largest sectors, we do ensure we offer a very individual and personal service for any size contract.

We ensure all our Inspectors are fully compliant with the industry standards such as ISO, SSPC, ASTM and the range of specifications from NORSOK M501 to Highways Series 1900 / 5000.

As a business we continually strive to build on our professionalism and to ensure our clients improve on quality to reduce costs.