Latest Project | Sheppey Crossing Bridge

Sheppey Crossing

Paint Inspection Ltd are pleased to be involved with WSP, working on the Sheppey Crossing in Kent.

The Sheppey Crossing is a bridge which carries the A249 road across The Swale (a tidal strait of the Thames Estuary), linking the Isle of Sheppey with the mainland of Kent.

The four-lane crossing measures 21.5 m (71 feet) in width, at a height of 35 m (115 feet) over the water. The A249 links the M20 and M2 motorways to Sheppey.

The bridge opened in 2006, and it provides an alternative highway to the neighbouring Kingsferry Bridge that was completed in 1959.


As the bridge is now coming up to 17 years old and falls into minor maintenance, there is a requirement to carry out a coating condition survey.

Our team have been tasked to undertake a coating and corrosion survey in compliance with Highways CM431.