Making Your Workplace Lead-Safe

There are many actions that can be taken when looking for ways to increase workplace safety across all industries. Certain industries or work environments may require additional measures to ensure workers aren’t being exposed to elements such as lead. 

Risks of Working with Lead

Working with lead can put your health at risk and symptoms can include headaches, stomach pains and anaemia. There are, of course, more serious health risks such as infertility, kidney, nerve and brain damage. The Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002 (CLAW) places a duty on employers to prevent exposure to lead. Where exposure to lead is not where this is not reasonably practical, the amount of exposure the employee is exposed to lead needs to be monitored.

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Paint Inspection Northern Manager Voted Chairman of Surface Treatment Governing Board

We are pleased to announce that our Northern Manager Keith Wagner MICorr, has been voted in as Chairman of the Surface Treatment Governing Board and Honorary Secretary of the Professional Development, Training and Certification Committee for The Institute of Corrosion”

We are sure Keith will fulfill the duties required “providing Technical experience and knowledge” to both Committees.

Paint Inspection (PIL) exhbitor at Surface World.

Paint Inspection exhibited at Surface World on the 19th & 20th September at the NEC in Birmingham. This was well worth the two days we were there, and have gained some great potential new clients for PIL (Paint Inspection Ltd) and our software IRIS.

We hope to see you back at Surface World 18 months from now in March 2020.

Paint Inspection Surface World Exhibition

Is Britain really a nation of builders? (INFOGRAPHIC)

At the most recent Conservative Party conference in Manchester, George Osborne used his speech to boast “we are the builders”. But does his claim stand up to scrutiny? The statistics on infrastructure spending doesn’t seem to back up the assertion. After cuts at the beginning of the decade, spending on infrastructure has crept up, but arguably still has a way to go before it is catching up with the international average.

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