NACE Certified Inspectors

At Paint Inspection Ltd we pride ourselves on the quality and the experience of all our Inspectors, we provide an NACE 2 or an NACE level 3 inspector to cover projects in all industries, from oil and gas, to highways or the rail sector.

The NACE Coating Inspector Program (CIP) sets the benchmark within the inspections protective coatings industry; this is the world’s most recognized certification program, with the primary aim of producing the highest caliber of paint inspectors.

In essence, this is the ultimate training curriculum for paint inspectors, and since its inception over 30 years ago, it has produced over 26,000 certified paint professionals. The CIP program is comprised of three certification levels, with NACE-certified inspectors carrying out coatings inspections around the globe.

All of our inspectors at Paint Inspection Ltd are qualified to at least CIP Level 2, and our supervisors hold CIP Level 3 qualifications.


Background of a NACE inspector

NACE qualified inspectors are extremely well qualified to carry out paint inspections and coating condition surveys due to the training they receive on CIP courses. A NACE CIP program introduces inspectors to elements such as corrosion control, paint inspection, and project management, helping industries save billions of pounds in costly mistakes.

Certified level 3 coatings inspectors must complete five years of coating inspection or coating related work and fulfill all NACE certification requirements including the NACE level 3 peer review exam.


Level 3 NACE requirements

The NACE Institute clearly states a NACE Certified Coating Inspector – Level 3 is recognized as an advanced inspector who:

  • Has “expert knowledge” of corrosion, surface preparation, cleanliness, environmental conditions, test instruments, coating mixtures, and safety
  • Can undertake unsupervised non-destructive and destructive inspections of liquid and non-liquid coatings applied to any substrate
  • Has demonstrated technical knowledge, problem-solving ability regarding issues that may arise on site and is capable of supervising other coating inspectors


Paint Inspections by NACE approved professionals

Any paint inspection we undertake will be carried out by a trained NACE inspector with at least ICorr and Level 2 qualifications, and they will always be supervised by a NACE level 3 inspector. We provide NACE 2 and ICorr 2 Inspectors for a diverse range of projects, and we also have NACE 3 and ICorr 3 Senior Inspectors to supervise coating condition surveys, inspections, and paint sample testing.

For additional details about our NACE-Certificated inspectors, or if you would like to know more about our paint inspection services please don’t hesitate to contact us.