We believe the importance of quality control from the onset and ensuring all parties are aware of the project requirements.

At Paint Inspection Ltd our involvement generally starts prior to contract award so we can assist the client on project technical documents required to be submitted by the contractor.

We will assist in producing the Inspection Test Plans ‘ITP’s’ and contractors quality control package covering the inspection and testing to meet project specific data requirements.

The importance of this early project stage involvement can’t be under estimated as it sets out the guidelines and requirements to ensure a successful contract is achieved and quality is obtained throughout the process.

Technical Support

This is one of our strengths as we like to build relationships with our current and prospective clients.

In the technical world of the protective coating industry we all need guidance and help in understanding specifications and standards and this is where we will always provide technical support either onsite or over the phone for quick response queries.

So if you have a technical question or project query just give us a call and one of our Level 3 Inspectors or MICorr Paint Technologist will assist.

"Paint Inspection Ltd looks forward to working with you to help “improve quality to reduce costs.”