Specialist Paint Inspection Services in Surrey

We provide comprehensive paint inspection services in Surrey and throughout the UK. Our highly qualified, certified field inspectors carry out paint sample testing, coating condition surveys, and paint inspections in Surrey across a range of industries. We will help your organisation prevent hazards and stay compliant.

About Our Paint Inspection Services in Surrey

Paint Inspection Service

We provide regular paint inspection surveys in Surrey to prevent accidents and keep your machinery and structures functioning properly. This is because corrosion caused by paint and coating issues weakens equipment.

Paint Inspection LTD operates across a number of industries, such as local authority, railways, highways, renewable energy, marine, and oil & gas. Our qualified paint inspectors in Surrey will ensure your paint systems meet industrial standards and specifications.

They do this by creating an Inspection Test Plan (ITP) tailored to your organisation. They will conduct thorough investigations and provide a detailed report via our convenient online reporting system. Here you’ll see potential weak spots and recommendations for maintenance and improvements.

Coating Inspections

A coating condition survey is necessary to identify potential environmental issues and hazards. Our coating inspectors in Surrey will provide a detailed appraisal of assets, conduct a comprehensive survey, carry out chemical analysis, and provide an in-depth report of the results. We will make recommendations based on manufacturing standards and advise on any future maintenance that should be conducted.

Paint Sample Assessments

The presence of certain materials in paints such as lead, nickel, silver, and chromium is extremely dangerous. We provide environmental testing and paint analysis services in Surrey to ensure the protection of your workforce and the prevention of environmental issues.

Our Surrey paint inspectors will take samples from several locations across your site to test for toxic substances at our laboratory. To ensure action can be taken quickly, we will provide the results of the paint sample analysis within 48 hours.

Sectors We Serve

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Paint Inspectors in Surrey

NACE and ICorr-Certified

All of our paint inspectors in Surrey and across the UK, have a minimum NACE 2 and ICORR 2 certification. We also have senior field inspectors with NACE 3 and ICorr 3 certifications to cover specialist industries such as railways and oil & gas. All inspectors receive ongoing support and up-to-date training to ensure they provide the best possible service.

Ongoing Assistance

At Paint Inspection LTD, we’re passionate about our work. That’s why we provide ongoing assistance to our customers and guidance to potential customers if they need help understanding technical specifications and standards. If you have a query, simply give us a call to speak to a qualified inspector or paint technologist.

Quality Control

Along with our paint inspection services in Surrey, we’re able to provide quality control support for technical documentation such as ITPs and contracts. We assist clients from the beginning of a paint or coating project to ensure contractors meet safety requirements and manufacturing standards.

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If you’re concerned about worker safety, environmental issues, and compliance, it’s vital you have regular paint inspection surveys conducted by qualified professionals.

Call us on 0845 463 8680 or send an email to admin@paint-inspection.co.uk to speak with one of our experts about paint inspections in Surrey. We also operate throughout the UK with certified paint inspectors in all regions.

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