Comprehensive Paint Inspections in Berkshire

Explore our range of paint inspection services in Berkshire. We provide paint sample analysis, coating inspections, and paint inspections to a range of industries. Our Berkshire paint inspectors are certified to guarantee compliance and safety. Solve paint issues that could prove hazardous and costly.

Paint Inspection Services Available in Berkshire

Industrial Paint Inspection Services

Our paint inspection services in Berkshire are essential to maintain the safety and proper functioning of machinery and structures. This will prevent your organisation from replacing assets before necessary and therefore saves costs.

Serving a range of industries such as renewable energy, local authority, and railways, our Berkshire paint inspectors offer regular surveys for issues such as corrosion and fire damage.

At your site, field inspectors will assess the scope of the project and create a bespoke testing plan for your industry. Expect thorough testing and investigation using specialist procedures such as rust grade analysis and blast profile inspections.

Coating Condition Surveys

It’s important to assess the quality of coatings as early as possible, especially if your organisation is due to carry out a painting project. Our coating inspections in Berkshire ensure any issues are found and remedied rapidly.

Our certified coating inspectors in Berkshire will survey and appraise your structures and assets, analysing the existing coating. We check for hazardous materials, degradation, delamination, and more, all the while keeping extensive records you can refer to in the future.

Paint Sample Tests

We provide a paint analysis service in Berkshire to assess the paint on machinery and structures for hazardous compounds. Materials such as lead, chromium, nickel, and silver may be present in paints and these can be incredibly damaging to your workforce and the environment.

The process involves taking paint samples from several locations and then testing them for hazardous substances at our specialist laboratories. We offer a quick turnaround on our Berkshire paint inspections. Paint sample test results will be with you in just 48 hours.

Sectors We Serve

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Further Information on Our Berkshire Paint Inspectors

Qualified Field Experts

Our paint inspectors in Berkshire and further afield possess NACE and ICorr certifications meaning they are qualified to ensure safety and compliance at your site. Not only that, our inspectors are experts in their field, committed to creating accurate, detailed reports. We offer training to staff regularly so that their knowledge and competency levels stay up to date.

Customer Support

We have senior paint inspectors and technologists on hand to answer all of your questions. Whether you’re an existing, new, or potential customer, we’re happy to take your questions and provide technical support. Perhaps you have a question about paint standards, specifications, or the documentation you require, simply give us a call.

Quality Control Services

Quality control is vital at the outset of any project, particularly if you’re working with contractors. So as well as offering paint inspection services in Berkshire, we also provide quality assurance. We will assess and make recommendations on contracts and technical documents to ensure the project runs smoothly and safely.

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Get in touch if you have any questions about our paint inspection services in Berkshire or to book a survey. Give our experts a call on  0845 463 8680 or send an email to We also operate throughout the UK and can provide NACE and ICorr-certified field inspectors in any region.

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