Coating Inspection and Condition Surveys for the Local Authorities


Paint Inspection Ltd have become one of the key Inspection companies in the UK providing ICorr and NACE level 2 and level 3 Senior Inspectors who are fully compliant with the industry specifications and standards including Series 1900 / 5000.

Our experience working with County and Borough councils has given us to have a greater understanding of budgets restraints so when assessing structures and assets we will provide recommendations on the specification along with guidance on maintenance periods to optimise the best use of budgets available.

  • Full or Part time Paint Inspections
  • Coating/Corrosion Condition Surveys
  • Working in accordance with BD87/05
  • Lead and Chromium Testing
  • Technical Support
  • Document review and control
  • Providing specification and maintenance guidance on systems
  • Fully compliant with ISO, SSPC, ASTM standards
  • ISO 9001 Qualified
  • ICorr and NACE level 2 Inspectors
  • ICorr and NACE level 3 Senior Inspectors

"Paint Inspection Ltd looks forward to working with you to help “improve quality to reduce costs.”