Further ICorr level 3 accreditations

A big well done goes to John Donaldson and Abdul Mumuni who have both achieved ICorr level 3 status

John has been with us for around 3 years and came to us as an ICorr level 2 along with IRATA level 3. Johns commitment to the industry and his hard work meant ICorr level 3 was an obvious step up.

Abdul joined us back in 2013 also as a ICorr level 2 and once again has shown his commitment to the industry and his technical expertise to gain Level 3 status.

Paint Inspection Earn Further MICorr & NACE Accreditations

We are pleased to announce that our Director Ian Patterson (ICorr level 3) has been awarded Professional Membership (MICorr) of the Institute of Corrosion.

Our Director Andrew Patterson has also just completed his NACE Pier Review and now a NACE Level 3.

Well done to both, who continue to lead from the front.

Is Britain really a nation of builders? (INFOGRAPHIC)

At the most recent Conservative Party conference in Manchester, George Osborne used his speech to boast “we are the builders”. But does his claim stand up to scrutiny? The statistics on infrastructure spending doesn’t seem to back up the assertion. After cuts at the beginning of the decade, spending on infrastructure has crept up, but arguably still has a way to go before it is catching up with the international average.
Infrastructure has been identified by both government and business as badly needing investment over the coming decades. Whether it’s the regeneration of Britain’s roads, new high speed rail links linking London to the North, or indeed ensuring that every region of the UK has access to high speed broadband, infrastructure potentially holds the key to providing hundreds of new jobs and unlocking access to new markets.

How infrastructure spending drives growth in the UK (1)

Eco-Friendly Paints: Colouring The World Green [Infographic]

As you may or may not know, paints and finishes release low level toxic emissions into the air during application and often remain some time after drying off.

These sorts of paints contain harmful chemicals which can effect your health in both the short term and long term, whilst always having an effect on the environment.

Which is why we’re introducing Eco-Friendly Paints, the natural and organic alternative which lasts longer, doesn’t contain toxins and most importantly are environmentally friendly.

Take a look at our infographic which will show you the benefits of eco-friendly paints, the different types that are available to you along with tons of worth while health information.

eco-friendly paints

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