Aone+ Area 14

Aone+ Area 14


PROGRAMME PERIOD: 2014 to 2015

Paint Inspection Ltd was contracted by Aone+ in 2014 to undertake full and detailed coating surveys of the of several Structures and also the full time inspection of Surface Preparation and Coating of these structures, located in Area 14 of the Highways network.

The survey scope involved assessment and testing of the existing coatings on Parapets of structures that span the A1 and A19. The survey work carried out on any Highways project is carried out in accordance with DMRB BD87/05 to ascertain the overall condition of the current paint system. The access for the surveys were via farm tracks and also involved Traffic management for the protection of the safety of both site workers and road users.

The inspection and testing was comprehensive with a number of adhesion tests to the various elements along with examination of any defects identified. Coating Identification was also carried out by solvent testing the existing coating using Xylene and White Spirit to ascertain if the coating applied is a Convertible/Non reversible coating, or indeed Non-Convertible/ Reversible coating.

Samples of the existing coating are also taken and tested to provide lead and Chromium levels. This information was then used to provide a safe working environment for the workers during future works. Measurements of the steel were also taken and added to the report to give a guide for the client to obtain prices for any desired re-work to the structures.

A comprehensive report was submitted to the client after the site visits, which detailed the findings and testing data along with recommendations to address the defects to bring the structure back in line with the 25 year design life.

For the Survey work and also Inspection work Paint Inspection Ltd have provided Inspectors qualified to ICORR and NACE Level 2 and 3. Any report written is reviewed by an ICORR Level 3 to ensure technical information is correct prior to release to the client.

The inspection work carried out by PIL in relation to Aone+ Area14 involved several structures and the Surface Preparation and Coating Application on a full time basis. The coating reworks carried out incorporated both Parapet and structural steel of structures spanning the A1.

The works were carried out under Lane closures and Traffic management during night working hours with access to the structure for testing via a MEWP. A Paint Inspection Ltd Inspector was provided to the project to ensure Quality Control and documentation outlining the Preparation and application processes were carried out in accordance with Highways 1900 specification.

Testing during the Surface Preparation stage included Soluble Salt Testing, Dust testing and surface profile inspections. Visual inspections were also carried and all in accordance with relevant ISO standards.

Coating Application Testing incorporated Ambient Condition testing to ensure the Coating was applied in accordance with the Manufactures recommendations and the relevant specification. Witnessing of the mixing of the two pack products was also recorded with times of application and overcoat times monitored and recorded. Dry Film Thickness (DFT) testing was also carried out on every coat with a visual inspection to eliminated individual coat defects. Any defects found during these inspections were rectified at the time of the inspection. Clients have found this useful as all works are completed with minimal time loss due to the elimination of rework after completion.

All the above information is then been applied to a report for each structure for the records of the client for future use which is also reviewed prior to release to the client.