Do you cover contracts across the UK and also into Europe?

Yes we do, our regional offices make us ideal for good coverage nationwide and travel into Europe is not a problem as we are currently working on projects in Europe.

Can you provide a NACE level 3 Inspector for our Oil and Gas project?

Yes we have NACE and ICorr level 3 Inspectors in all our regional offices who are fully conversant with the likes of NORSOK and Total specifications etc.

Can you carry out a paint survey and provide a detailed work scope and specification to meet our service life?

Our highly experience Inspectors can carry out the survey on the current condition of the coating and corrosion levels and provide a detailed work scope and specification to meet your asset needs.

We don’t have much experience in coating projects and require assistance in the technical aspect of the standards and specifications, is this something you can assist us with?

Yes, our Senior Inspectors are always on hand to provide technical support and assistance to ensure you obtain the service you require from the painting contractor.

Can you to attend our pre-contract meeting with the preferred painting contractor to ensure there is a full understanding from all parties prior to the works starting?

Yes, it is quite common for our clients to request our attendance so we can cover the inspection and testing requirements with the contractors and what will be expected etc.

As part of the coating survey can you also do a weld/steel examination on our behalf?

That is not a problem as we have a good network of qualified weld inspectors we work with on a regular basis.

We are looking at entering into a long term agreement with an inspection company who can look after our assets from the initial survey to the inspection during the works, is this something you would be interested in and be able to provide a set of scheduled rates?

Yes we can provide a set of scheduled rates covering all aspects of the services you require, we currently have long term service agreements with Crossrail, Network Rail and Tubelines etc.